A simple self-test to identify the signs of mouth cancers

The main threat for the lifetime of the people in modern society is deadly cancers. There are various kinds of cancers like breast cancers, lung cancers, brain cancers, mouth cancers, blood cancers and etc. Among them mouth cancer is very special for males. Because mouth cancers is a popular disease among men. There are many reasons behind that popularity including men habits. So men must be attentive on the mouth cancer causes and the precautions. This mouth cancer can be prevented very easily by stopping the risky habits of us. So it is also good to know those risky habits to be alive for a long time.

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Risky habits

Chewing betel, betel nuts or areca, smoking, drinking, nutrition deficiencies, uncleanliness of the mouth and infection of virus named human papilloma are some main causes for the mouth cancer formation.  The people who usually take one to three betel intakes daily and are older than 30 years are risky people for mouth cancers. Thus the people who have a habit of smoking daily and drinking at least once a week are also risky for this situation. If you are a risky person who having one or more above habits and causes, it is good to meet a dental doctor and check your mouth health status to identify whether you have a mouth cancer risk or not.

How can we do a self-test for the identification?

Cancer is a unwanted cell formation in our body. If we have that kind of cell formation, it can be identified by special signs and characteristics. If you have a white or red color patch or patches inside your mouth from a long time without any pain, it may be a sign for a mouth cancer. As well as if you have white and red mixed patches or tumor in mouth from a long time, you may be a risky one for mouth cancer.  Thus the formation of an abnormal twinge in mouth may also lead for a mouth cancer. If the mucus of the mouth is very thick than the normal mucus, we also have the mouth cancer risk.

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Steps to do the self test to identify the signs of mouth cancers

When you have a doubt about whether you have a mouth cancer signs or not, you can do a self-test to recognize that. First you should wash your hands. If you are a artificial tooth plate wearing one, you should remove i for a while. Then you should choose a place which has sufficient light. Before checking the mouth you should check whether your face has an abnormal condition.

If it is not, you can go ahead to check the mouth as followings. First you should check the both up and down sides of your lips by means of fingers. Then beside the inner cheeks and the inner walls of the mouth must be checked well by after opening the mouth fully. Next we should check our tongue. The whole area of the tongue must be checked by turning it to each and every side. The upper palate and beside the neck also should be checked.

How can we prevent from mouth cancers?

For the prevention of mouth cancers, we should remove the risky habits from our life style. We should stop having betel and betel nuts. The habits of smoking and drinking must be stopped if you want to be a healthy person. In addition to them we should maintain and protect the mouth hygiene. It may lead you to have a good mouth health.

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The healthy food including fruits and vegetables can also prevent the cancer formations. So you should stop the intake of cancer causing foods. The mental health is also a good treatment for the cancers. You should meet a dental doctor to check your mouth at least once a year.  If you have a little doubt, please don’t late to have a checkout. By practicing good habits, you can live and stay blessed without having mouth cancers.

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