Amazing health benefits of Jack fruit nutrients

Some foods can be used as a substitution for rice. Jack fruit is that type of food. The each and every stage of jack fruit formation can be used as a food. The botanical name of jack fruit is Artocarpus heterophyllus and it belongs to the Moraceae family.

Jack fruit nutrients are very valuable for our body. Therefore some people tends to use the flower of jack tree, small jack fruit, the raw jack fruit, jack fruit seeds and the ripen jack fruit for their meals in different ways. Some people preserve the jack fruit seed using sand and used preserved seeds to prepare jack fruit seed curry.

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Jack tree
Let’s see the nutrients in Jack fruit

Jack fruit is a high carbohydrate amount containing food. In addition to carbohydrate, there are lots of nutrients. We can get following nutrients from 100 g of jack fruit. 100 g of jack fruits consists of 397 kJ of energy, 23.25 g of carbohydrate, 19.08 g of sugar, 1.5 g of fiber, 0.64 g of fat, 1.72 g of protein, 5 mg of vitamin A, 61 mg of Beta carotene, 0.105 mg of Thiamine (vitamin B1), 0.92 mg of Niacin (vitamin B3), 0.055g of Riboflavin (vitamin B2), Pantonethic acid (vitamin B5), 0.329 mg of vitamin B6, 24 mg of Foliate (vitamin B9), 13.7 mg of vitamin C, 24 mg of Calcium, 0.34 mg of vitamin E, 0.23 mg of Iron, 29 mg of Magnesium,  0.043 mg of Manganese, 4.48 mg of Potassium, 21 mg of Phosphorous, 2 mg of Sodium and 0.13 mg of Zinc.

Now you can realize that how much nutrients are in jack fruit. People are used to eat white rice instead of rice with the bran. From that ways you can never take nutrients for your body. Then you may suffer from some nutrition deficiencies.

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Raw jack fruit curry
How can jack fruit help for our body functions?

Jack fruit nutrients can maintain the function of our immune and digestive system by maintain both of them in a well manner. There are bunch of antioxidants in jack fruits. Those antioxidants can support our body to kill the toxic substances. Thus cancer destructive Phyto-nutrients are also in this jack fruit. Then we can reduce the risk of cancer formation.

The vitamin C content in jack fruit can maintain the lymph system of our body while helping the lymphocyte production. Thus vitamin C can fight against the bacteria and viruses in our body.  As well as vitamin C can lengthen the well-being of the cells in our body.

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Raw jack fruit curry

Fibrous characteristics of jack fruit can help to the well- functioning of our body by supporting to both digestion and excretion. The tumors in the intestines can be cured by eating jack fruits. Jack fruit can also support for our vision and eye health. It is because the patients who are having night blindness can be treated by regular intake of jack fruit.

If you think about a balanced diet, you can use jack fruit for it because jack fruit is favorable fatty acids and low calorie containing food. That may lead you for having a healthy life. Jack fruit does not consist of saturated fatty acids. This is very good news for you if you are a seeker of unsaturated fatty acid foods.

Jack fruit is a good treatment for many diseases

The Potassium content in jack fruit can contribute to protect you from heart diseases, high blood pressure and sudden stork conditions. Pregnant women can take jack fruit because it consists of sufficient amount of iron and folic acid which are the most important nutrients for them.

Diabetic can also be controlled by taking jack fruits and the jack leaves. Jack fruits can also maintain the function of the thyroid gland. We can maintain our youngness and our skin by eating jack fruit. That means the nutrients in jack fruit can offer us an attractive and fair skin.

Thus for the development of muscles, bones is a another job of jack fruit as it consists of Calcium and Potassium. As well as this is very important for the lactating women because jack fruit can enhance the breast milk production in our body. The sleepless people can use jack flower to have a sufficient sleep for their life.

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Raw jack fruit
Who have a risk for having jack fruit?

The cough, toothache and catarrh suffering patients must avoid from having jack fruit. Thus the hernia patients should not to eat jack fruit because, they may have severe effects. Potassium rich jack fruit is also not suitable for the kidney patients.  


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