Be aware on the quality of your Sun cream

Though sun light provides plenty of nutrients to us, some women are afraid about sunlight because they think that their skin is become unfair and burned when they expose to the sunlight. Burned skin gives them lots of problems. Some women are mentally down due to the burned and black skin. When they cannot stop the sunlight exposure with their busy life time, they tend to use different types of sun creams to protect their skin color. Because they believe that sun cream treatment can protect their skin when they are exposing to the direct sunlight.

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But the dangerous thing is that, the all sun creams in the market cannot solve your problems. The main reason behind that case is the sun creams productions without any standard and quality. Actually some of them are not protect you from the sunlight.  Instead of that they only bleach your skin by removing the essential melanin content in your skin. Because most of sun creams have bleaching substances as the main ingredient. So you must aware about the sun creams if you are interest of them and a user of them.

Sunlight is not too bad for us

We should expose to the sunlight at least once a day. If it is not, our skin may be faded or withered. Because sunlight is rich in nutrients which are essential for the good skin health maintenance. If the skin cannot be able to absorb those nutrients from the sunlight, it is very bad for us to have a healthy skin. It is very popular thought that the morning sunlight is rich in vitamin D.

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Though it is true, normally we have to expose to the day time sunlight than the morning sunlight. The long time exposure to the day time sunlight may lead to have different types of skin infections. So we should prevent from that type of exposures. But if you can expose to the morning sunlight, your skin can absorb the skin favorable nutrients. Because morning sunlight does not consist of the unfavorable UV rays like day time sunlight. So don’t afraid on sunlight except the day time.

But if you are a worker who is doing a job under the direct sunlight, you should concern on your skin a lot. Because from that you may have a dry skin. The excess water absorption ability of sunlight can dehydrate your skin by absorbing the water in skin than you expected. It is not good for the skin health. From that your skin may be very rough without the sufficient moisture.

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Thus the collagen fibers in the skin are also destroyed by the long time exposure to the sunlight. To rebuild the collagen fibers, the skin has to produce the chemical named elastin. This elastin causes to make a wrinkly skin. This may fully close your youngness by changing the appearance of the skin. Wrinkly skin provides you an older look. As well as the high temperature of the sunlight may cause to the diseases such as faint, headache and dizziness.

Sometime the temperature of sunlight can make your body temperature to about 100 °C. These types of conditions can affect for heart attacks, eye infections and muscles pain. That may be dangerous for you. So don’t expose to the direct sunlight for a long time. You should aware about it if you want to prevent from above described diseases.

How can we protect our skin from the sunlight?

If have to expose to the direct sun light, you should have some solutions for it. On this condition, you can use a good sun cream according to a prescription of your doctor. The main purpose of using a standard sun cream is to protect your skin from discoloration without changing the skin color and maintain the existing skin health though you expose to the sunlight in day time. From that you can understand that providing a whitening skin than the existing skin is not the exact job of a standard sun cream. But most of sun creams in the modern market are whitening your skin. Actually it is not the exact white. It can be illustrated as a faded color. This abnormal whitening process is due to the bleaching chemicals are in those sun creams.

If you have a more fairness skin than the natural fairness, you believe that it is a very good and standard sun cream. It is wrong idea and don’t think like that. These wrong thoughts may cause to have skin infections and sudden skin discolorations in the future with the time. Some sun cream products have unfavorable chemicals which can react with the sunlight. The final chemical products of these reactions may cause you to have skin pigmentation, skin burning and black patches. You may also have some fungus infections.

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You should select a sun cream which does not easily absorb to the skin. Because if sun cream can act as a very thin layer on your skin, the UV rays cannot harm to your skin. Some good chemicals in standard sun creams can reduce the UV absorption and act against the UV rays.  So it is good to get advises from a dermatologist before buying a sun cream according to your own thoughts.

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