Go away from instant food items and short eats

Instant food items well popular and became a trend in the market at 20th century. Up to now instant foods can hold a considerable place among the busy people. As well as a majority of people without age range addict to those foods. Because people have no time to prepare their meal due to their busy life time. The always focus on their office works and they don’t think about their health. The reason behind this is the chaise behind the money. Money cannot give us all the things. They have practiced to eat while they are working. For that purpose the well matching foods are instant food items. Instant foods can be prepared within two or three minutes. That is why they are called as instant foods.

Instant noodles, potato chips, ham burgs, rolls, patties can be introduced as instant and short eats. To enhance the taste of these foods the producers add lots of additives for the foods. Those additives such as oil, salt, sugar and instant flour are not good for our health. They can only stimulate our taste buds in tongue. So they don’t help to increase our health and destroy the whole body step by step. But people don’t think about them. Thus the instant foods take a long time to digest and short time to fill the stomach. So they are not suitable for our lives. However if we want to be healthy people, we should stop having instant foods. Instead of them we can have slow foods. We should prepare our meals by ourselves.

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The places that are harmed from instant foods

The main ingredient that consists on instant food is salt. The large amount of salt can damage the nerve in our brain. Because the excess Sodium may store in those nerves. Due to that case the frequent unbearable headache and tension can have.


A majority of people are suffering toothache. That is common for both younger and elder people. The reason behind this is your bad diet plans. Instant foods have plenty of sugar and sugar family ingredients. Those cause to destroy your teeth giving a big pain. The enamel of your teeth is destroyed with the time when you are having high sugar containing foods. Thus the sugar in our blood gets increase. Finally we  become diabetic patients as a result of taking unhealthy instant foods.

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This is the most valuable organ of our body. But the unawareness of the danger of having instant food, people automatically harm to their heart also. The oil containing instant foods are the main reason for the heart problems. Because the manufactures don’t use pure coconut oil to fry these types of instant foods. They usually use farm oil and animal oil to fry them. So we should aware about them. High oil intake may cause to increase the cholesterol amount in our body. When the cholesterol amount is high, they sore inside our blood vessel. Due to that reason the heart cannot maintain the blood pumping process in a regular manner. Then the blood pressure at those blocked area is going to higher levels. That is the problem behind the heart cases.

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When cholesterol and fat stored inside the muscles, they start to get large. Then we become fat and the reason behind the obesity is taking instant foods. With this situation, we cannot walk even a long distance. We get tired quickly. Because we cannot breathe easily. The lungs cannot be supplied Oxygen easily due to the fattiness.

How can we have slow foods?
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Some educated people in developed countries aware about their healthy and refuse having those instant foods. Instead of instant foods they choose some slow foods. Thus the people who consider about their healthy than their busy life style, tends to have healthy foods. Therefore they use the foods which are not genetically modified. They also habit to use carbonic vegetables, which are rich of nutrition.

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They refuse to take the powdered milk and wheat flour for their meals and prefer to take liquid fresh milk. In addition to that they also use coconut water and various types of fruit juices. Thus many developed countries use wheat flour for only as the foods for the animals in their houses. So we should prevent from taking instant foods. Remember to reduce your daily work load and be hurry to have a healthy meal at least one time for a day. From that only you can protect your organs inside your body. So be safe and don’t take instant food!

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