Healthy value of a sufficient sleep

The people who concern on their beauty only think about the external beauty tips by applying various external cosmetics. But they don’t know that the basic and very important secret behind the real beauty. Than the external treatments, we can improve and enhance our beauty by maintaining our physical health in a good way. Among the factors that affect for the external beauty enhancement, sleeping is very important fact. Because by having a sufficient sleep, automatically our external beauty is improved with the time. So it is important to know about the value of sleep to our life.

When considering the sleep we can illustrate two type of sleeps. One the sleep is that we feel after having some meal. Another one is the sleep that we feel when we are tired. The most important type of sleep from these two is the sleep that we feel when we are tired. Because from that we can have both mental and physical freedom and relief.

Why should we want a sleep?

The all people are doing plenty of works during day time. For this works, the body has to provide energy by converting the foods we ate to different kind of energy types that is important for the body functions. That is a chemical process inside our body. When we are doing lots of works, this chemical process is occurred rapidly. Then the body is being tired more in mentally and physically. For some time duration, we should switch off this process by keeping our physical and mental activities aside. That is called the sleep. While we are sleeping, above discussed chemical process is on its neutral level. As well as during the sleep, our muscles can decrease its thermal energy production. So our body can have relief from our sleep. That is the importance of the sufficient sleep.

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In other words, body is also a machine. So usually we should give a break to it if we want to use that machine for a long time and have an efficient and effective service. If it is not, that machine can be early expired by the nonstop functioning. So normally an infant should have a sleep at least twenty hours. Likewise a child, elder person and pregnant women should have at least fourteen hours, six to eight hours and about ten hours respectively.

Disadvantages of having an insufficient sleep

If we cannot give a sufficient amount of sleep to our body, the resultant action is mainly affected for our nerve system. In addition to the weaknesses of the nerve system, we may also have weaknesses in vision. Thus decrement of the memory, high tiredness during day times, decrement of the activeness and being faded may be resulted from insufficient sleep. The wrinkle formation and black coloration around eyes can be occurred. Your skin color may be discolored too.

There are lots of reasons behind the sleeplessness. Among them the being busy in mentally and physically, going to sleep without having dinner, having the food which are too hard to digest, drinking coffee or tea before going to sleep and mental tension can be illustrated as main reasons. Thus using the mobile phone after going to the bed can be taken as a cause for sleeplessness.

How can we have an enough sleep?

With a chaotic mind, you cannot have a sleep. So it is good to have a calm mind before going to sleep. To have a calm mind, you can follow mental exercises like yoga meditation. From that you can cool down your mind. In addition to that, you can listen to a very slow and sweet music track before going to sleep. The music can gather your thoughts into a one place. Not only the mental concentration and cleanliness, but you should also have the physical cleanliness before going to sleep. So it is good to have a bath or body wash before going to sleep and wear a light dress which is suitable for sleep. If you can have a bath with little hot water, you can easily reach for your sleep at night.

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Thus you can have a physical fitness by doing exercises daily for ten to fifteen minute at the day time. Remember not to take heavy food for your dinner. You should take light food that can be easily digested. The sleep should be had after two hours from your dinner. That may provide a good chemical readiness for your sleep inside the body. The ventilation around your bed should be very good. If it is not, you cannot breathe well while you are sleeping.  That may cause to break to sleep and not to have an enough and a comfortable sleep.

What are the simple methods that can we follow?

Thus you can also follow the following simple activities. You can massage your head by applying good hair oil. This oil treatment may lead your mental health. As well as you can arrange your bed room by a better way. You can hang beautiful picture that you like to see.

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The addition of milk and gee for your dinner may also help to have a comfortable sleep. According above simple activities, you can bring your sleep again. So remember to have a sufficient sleep anyhow by managing time if you are a busy one. That may provide you both mental health and the external beauty with bright eyes, fair in complexion, good memory and active nerve system including other body functions.

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