Healthy value of Flacourtia indica fruit (Uguressa fruit)

Flacourtia indica  (Flacourtia ramontchi) is a very popular type of fruit. It is due to its mixed taste of acrid and sweet flavor. Flacourtia indica is known commonly as ramontchi, governor’s plum, batoko plum, Madagascar plum and Indian plum. This fruit is a native fruit for some African and Asian countries. In Sri Lanka, its common name is “Uguressa”. Knowing the healthy value of Flacourtia indica is very important to us. This is popular not only as a fruit, but also this is a good medicinal treatment for different kind of diseases.

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Ripen Flacourtia indica

The juice of this fruit is one of the eight beverages which are offered to the Lord Buddha in Buddhist countries. Usually the eight beverages offered to the Lord Buddha include the beverages which have a higher medicinal value. From that we can realize that Flacourtia indica had identified as a medicinal fruit since the Buddha era.

There are two seasons to blossom this Flacourtia indica tree. They are January to February and July to August. You can feel the real sweet taste of this fruit by press the fruit by one of your palm when the fruit is on another palm before you eat it.

Medicinal value of Flacourtia indica fruit

When considering the healthy value of Flacourtia indica, this fruit is a good treatment for lots of mouth diseases. Most of them don’t have a whiten tooth and they are worry about that. For them this fruit is a good natural treatment. Because we can cure the irregular tooth falling and gum dissolving problems of our mouth by eating one fruit for a day.

rich results on google's SERP when searching for "Flacourtia indica"
Ripen Flacourtia indica

The most unbearable pain is the labor pain. According to the Ayurveda and the thoughts of past people, seeds of this fruit is a good treatment for reduce this labor pain. The women can use the ground of mixture of ripen Flacourtia indica seeds and raw saffron to have a relief for post labor pain. For that you should apply that mixture on your belly.

Diabetic is a huge problem for majority of people in modern society. The juice of this Flacourtia indica is a good medicine for diabetic patients. According to the Ayurveda the acridity characteristics can reduce the blood sugar level of our body. Flacourtia indica is acridity rich natural fruit. Therefore we can use this to treat for diabetic patients.

If we fail to maintain the optimal pressure and temperature of our body, we are easily affected from various diseases. Cough, cold, snot flowing and fever are some of them. We can easily fight against for these diseases by using this Flacourtia indica fruit. We only want to take the concentrated juice of this fruit with the addition of sugar. That means we can prepare syrup from this fruit to treat above mentioned frequently infectious diseases.

Healthy benefits of Flacourtia indica tree
rich results on google's SERP when searching for "Flacourtia indica"
Raw Flacourtia indica

Thus we can maintain a healthy and fair skin by eating this Flacourtia indica fruit. This also can protect the muscles by increasing the fitness of the body. We can use the leaves of this Flacourtia indica tree to treat eye infections and the sudden injuries. As well as we can use the roots and bark of this tree to treat the pain when we have bone injuries and muscle injuries.

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