How can women avoid from risky pregnancy

Becoming a pregnant mother is a dream of each and every woman in the world. But some cannot fulfill that dream due to various reasons. Some women’s fetal is aborted automatically in the womb though they become pregnant. That is common result of the risky pregnancy. Risky mothers are the women who faced for auto abortions than twice. We should know about these risky pregnancy, because from that we can be prevent from being that risky conditions. Let’s see who the risky mothers are.

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Physically Short mothers

These type of women are being pregnant is very risky thing. Here sort means, lower heights than 145 cm. The reason behind this risky condition is, the hip-bone of them is narrow than the normal women’s. Due to that reason, their pelvis is also very narrow. Therefore they cannot deliver the baby in normal condition. If the fetal of these mothers are large, they never can deliver the baby normally. That kind of baby delivery in normal condition is very risky. So if you are a short woman, you should consider about the type of baby delivery.

Low weight mothers
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The mothers who have a BMI value lower than 20, are considered as low weight mothers. So the women should consider about your BMI value after your marriage. The baby of these mothers may be a mal-nutritious baby or fetal may be aborted. As well as there is a potency of fetal dying inside the womb. There is also a risk for the intelligence of baby. Because the baby will be in less intelligence level.  So the all women should maintain a good and sufficient body weight for normal baby delivery while they are being pregnancy.

High weight mothers (fat mothers)

Obesity is a big problem for the baby delivery and pregnancy. Obesity means the situation that some women have a body weight higher than the BMI value 25. When a fat woman becomes pregnant, she may have high probability to be diabetic and high blood pressure. So the older aged fat mothers should be attain on these diseases during their pregnancy. Thus fat mother have to face huge problems during the delivery also. Because at their pregnancy period, their weight is automatically increased due to the fetal. Most of times the baby delivery of this type of mothers, is done via cesarean surgeries. Fetal may be very large due to the higher body weight. So the fat women should concern on her baby delivery. She must get instruction from a doctor. That is must if you want a successful delivery.

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Younger mothers

If your age is below than 18 years and you are a pregnant woman, you should think about your pregnancy well. This age is very important because it is an age of body development. So mother should take nutrition in double. That means, she has to feed both herself and fetal. Thus the hip bones of these mothers are not matured well to do a normal baby delivery. This type of mother will face for Pre-eklampsia conditions. That means there will be toxic effects in the womb. So if you are this kind of mother, don’t forget to take correct instructions for your delivery from a doctor.

Older mothers

If you are above 53 years pregnant mother, you also have a risky mother of baby delivery. And you have to face big problems during your pregnancy period. Thus if you are readying for your first delivery and you are above 35 years, you also have a risk. The hip bone of this type mothers are not flexible. So that while normal delivering the hip bones cannot fix to pass the baby. The bones are over matured. As well as this type of mothers also may face diabetic, high blood pressure and anemia like conditions. Thus the babies may be mentally retarded children.

So if you are in these types of stages, you should protect and follow correct instructions until you face for the delivery. Then you have a successful delivery by handling the risky pregnancy.

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