Nelum Pokuna in Polonnaruwa (The Lotus Pond)

Polonnaruwa is well famouse for several ornamental places. Nelum Pokuna is one such place which was concerned as part of the Jethawana Monastery Complex. This place is preferred by many tourists who are eager to explore Sri Lankan history, our architecture and style. 

This pond is located closer to the King Parakramabahu’s Palace.  Some belives that this is a construction of King Nissankamalla. This pond is somewhat smaller than other ponds in the Polonnaruwa city.

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This lotus pond is famous because of its uniqueness. This pond has a shape of a bloomed lotus flower. And it depicts how lotus petals are in natural. This pond is made out of granite. Thus it has five tiers from bottom to top. These tiers indicate that the lotus petals gradually become small when they go down the pond.

This Nelum Pokuna has a diameter of about 24 feet and 9 inches. Some believes that there was a water supply to the pond using an underground pipe system near the tank. Because according to archeological sources, we can believe that monks belonging to the Jethawana Viharaya used this pond for bathing purposes. At that time, the entire place may surround by flowering trees and gardens which enhance its magnificence.

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