Diabetic and healthy foods

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Now a day majority of people are suffering from this non-communicable disease, Diabetic. At the ancient time the people who are in their higher ages, tended to have diabetics. But the miserable thing is, the trending sufferers are the children who are in school age. The objection towards the children is due to their unhealthy life style and the pattern of foods.

What is the diabetic?

The diabetic condition occurs inside our body due to inability to flux insulin hormone in qualitative and quantitative manner. That means the peripheral tissues inside our body fail to use insulin in correct way. And as a result of it, the glucose level of our blood is going to increase. Insulin can maintain the level of blood sugar or glucose. It can prevent the states of hyperglycemia condition (where sugar level is too much high) and hypoglycemia condition (where glucose level is too much low). Insulin is made in our pancreas. It has the ability to convert the carbohydrates that we get from our body to glucose. The aim of that conversion is to create energy to do all the functions inside the body. And to store glucose to the further usage.

Symptoms that may have

Anyone can have diabetic with high blood sugar level and without any symptoms. That is the dangerous condition of this disease. When the blood sugar level is increased gradually for a long period may be resulted the following severe symptoms. The body weight decreases in a short period and be extremely thin than earlier. A heavy urine excretion process can occurr frequently and higher thirsty may have. Thus urine infections and skin infections may occur easily. If anyone who is above 40 years has above mentioned symptoms, it is good to check a blood sample after fasting for 8-12 hours.

Thus if a woman has these symptoms in her pregnant period, she also should check her blood sugar level. We can identify the sugar or glucose level of the blood from a blood test. If the fasting blood sugar level of anyone is above than 126 mg/dl, he or she can have as a diabetic patient. HBAIC is another blood test. It is done by calculating an average value by studying the glucose levels of blood for three months. For that type of blood test, fasting is not essential.

What are the treatments?

If anyhow any patient is recognized as a diabetic patient, the medicinal treatments should provide. They help to him or her to maintain the blood sugar level with medicines and by controlling the diets. However if the patients can follow the instructions correctly, they can protect from the dangerous side effects. They are blindness, severe kidney problems, heart attacks.

Rich results on Google's SERP when searching "diabetic"
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Types of diabetics

Commonly there are two types of diabetic. One is type I diabetic and it is the inability to flux a qualitative and quantitative amount of insulin hormone. At this type I stage, insulin should be provided to the body. Type II diabetic having patients are unable to use the fluxed insulin, though the body can flux insulin, by the peripheral tissues inside our body. At this stage a specialized medicinal tablets should be get to decrease the blood sugar level of the body.

The majority of people are suffering from this type II diabetic and, most of children also have this one. That means type II diabetic exists in higher percentage more than type I diabetic. But when the insulin deficiency will increase in dangerous way, the medicinal tablet treatment should stop. Then the patients are treated with the external insulin providing treatment. Thus the type II diabetic patients who have faced to any surgery and being pregnant are also treated with insulin. The reasons for type II diabetic can be describes as below.

  • Genetic problems
  • Extremely obesity
  • In-healthy diets
  • Deficiency of exercises
  • Mental tension
  • Side effect of some other disease

How can we cure this?

As an example for the genetic problems, if the both mother and father is a diabetic patient, the percentage of the evidence that their new born child be also a diabetic patient is 90% or above. The diabetic condition can control by to-gathering medicinal treatments, correct diet pattern and sufficient amount of exercises. By maintain a good life style with above three habits; we can prevent the obesity conditions. Obesity is the main reason behind the type II diabetic. People in obesity range of their BMI value have a big tendency to be a diabetic patient. By decreasing the obesity, we can say good bye to diabetic. And we can postpone the age that we will be a diabetic patient.

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