Ash-Plantain is not suitable for men; is it myth?

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Ash-plantain: credit

The whole Ash-plantain tree has a medicinal volubility. Because the each and every part of that tree can be taken as a food. Which is rich of uncommon nutrients. The fruit, flower, barks and the trunk can use as food. The main macro nutrients such as carbohydrate, fat and the micro nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and salt are in ash-plantains. Thus the micro elements which are needed to maintain the body functions contains in ash-plantains.

A cooked cup of ash-plantain contains 232 calories. Thus it contains about 62.2 g of carbohydrates, 0.4 g of fat, 4.6 g of fiber, 181 g of vitamin A, 21.8 g of vitamin C and 930 mg of Potassium. That means ash-plantain is Potassium rich food. And so that it is important for the heart health of your body.

The considerable amount of vitamins containing ash-plantain is good for the nutrients necessity of the eyes, brain and hair. The fibrous characteristics of ash-plantain help to maintain regular digestion process of food, diabetics and the constipation. Thus we can reduce the symptoms of hemorrhoids by eating ash-plantains. Thus it helps to decrease the gastric conditions of your stomach, heart attacks, brain diseases, paralyses, anemia, high blood pressure, bladder stones, sexual effects and some effects of nerve system. For that we should take ash-plantains for your day-to-day meal. By eating ash-plantains we can reduces the symptoms of the extremely obesity and cholesterol. Peel of ash-plantain contains plenty of fiber. And therefore we must eat the peel and fruit separately to obtain the whole nutrients.

How can we cook Ash-plantain
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Ash plantain curry : credit
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Fried Ash plantain chips : credit

We can use peels of it to prepare salads by adding both onion and tomato. And we can also cook them as a delicious curry by adding dry fishes and sprats. Ash-plantains can increase the ability of blood clotting process inside our body. And it leads to the quick curing of injured wounds.  The natural Calcium contains in ash-plantain fruit and that Calcium helps to reduce the joint pains of the women after while their periods, osteoporosis and arthritis. So when comparing the other Calcium containing foods, ash-plantains has noble qualities.

We can drink the juice of the fruit to treat the long time cough and the troubles in trachea. We can easily build up the immunity of our body by eating ash-plantain in considerable amount. Bitter taste and stain taste of ash-plantains are good for diabetics. By feeding children with ash-plantains, we can protect their eye health. Instead of potato and other carbohydrate containing of food, this ash-plantain can be used. We can also prepare ash-plantain chips by frying the fruit.

The trees can grow and take harvest easily in our home garden without any pesticides. That is very important because we can obtain a hundred percent fresh and healthy fruits.

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