BMI Reduction and Obesity Removal via Healthy Foods

How to calculate BMI value?

When considering body weight maintenance, the Body Mass Index (BMI) is very important. Though most of people heard about this BMI, they have no clear idea about that. From this index, any can understand the matching weight for his or her height. This is introduced by the World Health Organization. And you can calculate the BMI index yourself by getting your weight in kilograms and height in meters. We can use the following formula to calculate BMI index. There are five value ranges that explain the weight range of your body. According to those ranges,

If your BMI index is less than 18.5, you are in underweight range,

When your BMI index is in between 18.5 – 24.5, you are in healthy weight range

If your BMI index is in between 25 – 29.9, you are in over weight range

When BMI index is in between 30 – 34.9, you are in obesity range

If your BMI index is more than 35, you are in extremely obesity range that means very dangerous state.

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As this, we can identify that whether we are in obesity range or not. By understanding that we can fix our body weight with respect to our body height. Another thing is the belly obesity. If the belly circumference of man is more than 90 cm that man is suffering belly obesity. Thus if the belly circumference of woman is more than 80 cm that woman is suffering belly obesity. Some non-communicable diseases like diabetics, cholesterol, heart diseases, high blood pressure and depression can occur due to this obesity.

what are the reasons for the obesity?

Obesity is a very big trouble for the people in present generation. And all of them are suffered from various mental problems due to their obesity. Not only mental diseases, but also obesity may cause for plenty of non-communicable diseases. Most of people take care of their weight. And some of them do not think about the exact weight that she or he must have. The main reason for that is the incomprehension about the maintenance of the body weight.

There are lots of cases behind this irregular obesity. The main thing is the carelessness of the diet. Because most of people in the modern society habit to take high sugar, salt, carbohydrate and fat containing instant foods. Not only the unbalanced diet, the medicines, genetic problems, hormone disorders, sleepless life may also cause to the obesity. The other thing is, with the development of the science and technology the people habit to use electrical instruments by neglecting the man power. That cause the people become lazy. As a result of that they did not tired every day. That means they lost their exercises which brought a healthy life for them earlier. Regular exercises can burn the excess fat and carbohydrates.

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Unbalanced diet
What are the side effects of obesity?

However we should maintain the exact weight which matches to our body height if we want to spend healthy life time forever. Because the higher BMI values may cause to disorder in urine system, discomfort baby deliveries, abortions and roaring while sleeping. Though usually someone daily maintains a balanced diet and active life, he or she is in obesity range. The reason behind that phenomenon may be a genetic disorder. We cannot control it. But they can obtain correct advises from a doctor or a nutritionist. Because now-a-days with the advancement of the newest medicinal experiments, we can have an ability to do a surgeries to reduce the BMI value.

Let’s see what is the balanced diet?

A balance diet is classified in to several fields. They are carbohydrate, protein, fat, vitamins, salt and minerals. We should concentrate on these main nutritious types and prepare our daily meals as covering all of them.  The main carbohydrate containing main foods are rice, flour containing bakery products including bread and different types of buns, yams and potato. Fishes, meat and meat products, eggs and milk contain protein. Thus green leaves, vegetables and fruits containing different kind of vitamins and milk, olive oil and coconut oil containing food consist of fat and oils.

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A balanced diet

The balanced diet should contain 1/3 amount of whole meal of carbohydrate. The other 2/3 part should contain protein, vitamin and fat containing foods. The diet of a diabetic patient must be change than others because the carbohydrate amount for them it ¼ from whole diet. we should take the percentage 10-15 amount of vitamin for our diet.  We should give priority for fruits and vegetables than other foods. When you are taking carbohydrate containing food, it is better to focus for natural carbohydrate containing food like rice and yams instead of instant carbohydrate containing foods like string hoppers, hoppers and bread. By taking both carbohydrate and fiber containing foods, the amount of absorbed sugar can be reduced.

How fat containing food affect for obesity?

Another factor that is behind the obesity is the amount of body fat. Fat is a result of fatty acids and they can be classified into two categories. They are saturated fatty acids. And unsaturated fatty acids. From these fats, unsaturated fats are good for our body and saturated fats are not suitable for our body. Therefore saturated fat causes to the obesity in most of times. We should control taking coconut oil containing short eats if we want to maintain our BMI value. Instead of them you can use and eat unsaturated fat containing food such as peanut, avocado, olive oil, and sesame. Thus the Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids containing foods like sea foods including salmon, green vegetables and fruits can help to fulfill the necessity of fat. High sugar containing food is restricted for the obesity because they cause to increase the body weight.

How can we do a KITO diet?

Actually the body weight of Obesity suffering man or can follow the KITO diet plan. That means she or he try to burn the fat and carbohydrate in their body step by step. For that we want to reduce the carbohydrate amount in our meal and increase the amount of unsaturated fat. Then the carbohydrate burning process is going to increase. Thus vegetables, fruits, sea foods, avocado, peanuts, grams, apple, strawberries, blueberries, beans and olive oil can be added to our diet. Drinking a cup of coffee and eating a piece of chocolate is very successful habit to reduce the body weight.

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Reducing fat can be said as an art. Because we can do that according our own thoughts. There is a fixed amount that must be reduced for a week and that is between 0.5 kg – 1 kg. We cannot reduce a large amount of weight in a short time and it is very wrong thing. Reducing a large weight in a short period can be cause to a plenty of diseases and muscle crackers. We have to burn an equal energy to the energy that we gain from food in every day. That means we should attain in commensurable exercises daily to burn the energy that we gain from diet.

To reduce weight the both patient and dedication must have. A normal healthy man must do medium scale exercises for at least one hour and higher scale exercises for at least half an hour. Likewise at least five days of a week the exercises must be done to burn excess fat and carbohydrate in our body. Normally if one can reduce his or her weight from 5-10 % from the total body weight by controlling food and doing regular workouts, it may be a vast advantage for them.

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