Drink a glass of Water at least once a half an hour

Any living being cannot live without water. Therefore water has that much importance for our life. When considering our body weight, 60% of that weight belongs to water. Due to that reason without water we can survive only about maximum three days. We need water to fulfill several functions and necessaries in our body. And they can be explained as follows.

Water is the main ingredient of our blood. And it supports to the food digestion process. Thus it also protects and maintains the moisture of our skin, eye, mouth and nose. It is a necessary thing to maintain our urine system and excretory system by removing urine and sweat. It can protect and maintain the body temperature. The brain functions can also be functioned by water so that it is very valuable for our body to be healthy.

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Let’s see how should we drink water according to our age

According to the age of a person, the amount of the water that should drink per day is varied. That means, if you are in the age between 1-5 years, you should drink 750-1000 ml per day. Likewise if you are in the age between 6-10 years, you should drink 1-1.5 l of water per day. Then if you are in the age between 10-18 years, you should drink 2-2.5 l per day. That can be further explained by following figure.

Let’s see how should we drink water according to our weight

The amount of water that should be taken per day can also be defined according to the body weight. That means you can calculate the amount in liter from multiplying your age in kilograms by 0.033. But this value can be varied due to different reasons. They can be discussed as follows. If you are doing exercises daily, if you are working with the exposure to direct sunlight, if your working place is air conditioned one, if you are living in windy environment and if you are suffering fever like illnesses, you should increase that calculated amount.

Remember to drink a sufficient amount

Usually you must drink sufficient amount of them before you start your daily routing. If you are a sport man, you should take about 500 ml before you start to do your sport. Thus while you are playing you should drink about 250 ml. If you are doing exercises daily, you should rest about 5-10 minutes after you finish that and should drink about at least 250 ml of.

Most of people tend to drink soft drinks at this moment when they have thirsty. But remember that it is not suitable for your health because from that you are getting only unnecessary sugar and calories. That means from these soft drinks the thirsty cannot be prevented. Soft drinks are available in the market contains sugar and that may be a reason for the obesity.

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Soft drinks
Can water be taken from foods?

When you are drinking water, you should aware about the purity of it too. Pure water is fresh and healthy and it contains plenty of nutrition. Anyone who drinks it in excess has a clear and bright skin. Instead of natural water, you can also take the fruits and vegetables which contain lot of them. As an example, in watermelon, percentage of it is about 60%.  Rather than watermelon, fruit drinks, soups, milk, tea and king-coconut can be drank. Thus we can take cucumber like water containing vegetables for our meal.

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Fruit juices
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King coconut
What are the side effects of lack of water?

If our body containing water is less than the required minimum amount, the mental contemplation starts to break down. We are unable to keep our concentration on particular work. Thus the dehydration of the body may increase. Wrinkles can have on our skin and the sleepiness may occur. The moisture of the mouth helps to protect our mouth from the different kind of germs. If we could not be able to drink sufficient amount of it, we loss that protection If the amount of urine excrete from your body is less than the usual amount, you can ascertain that body needs it.

It is not suitable to drink a large volume at once though the body needs that. We can drink a glass of them once a half an hour. That is a good way for the absorption of water to the body. If the environment is very hot, you should concern on your water drinking than other days. Keeping a fresh water bottle with you when you are going anywhere is a good habit to practice.

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