Eye protection; How can we do that?

Eye is one of the most important in our body. Because we all love our eyes as it is the main thing that shows the beauty of the world for us. Without eyes we cannot see the surrounding. If in any case we will have some inability see the world with disorder of eyes, some thinks that it is the end of the life. So we should protect our eyes anyhow to maintain the proper vision for our lives. If eyes have any disorder, there are so many reasons behind it. Some of them are sudden accidents, nutrition deficiencies and non-communicable diseases like diabetics. 

However the disorder of eyes can be prevented and reduced by maintaining a very good diet. According to the newest findings of medical researches, Copper, Vitamin E, Beta carotene like nutrition can improve the vision function of eyes. Thus Omega-3 fatty acids, Zeaxanthin, Lutein and Beta carotene can also cause for a sharp vision.

Which food can cause to improve your vision?

Different kind of foods can cause to a good vision. They are green vegetables, spinach,  carrot, blueberries, strawberries, walnuts, avocado, peppers, sweet potato, broccoli. Thus fishes like salmon, grains, oysters and orange family fruits help for us to protect our vision. Carrot is the most important vegetable that contains Beta carotene and it is very efficacious for vision. Thus carrot contain Vitamin A and from that the tiredness if the eye due to the sunlight can be reduced. So carrot is important treatment for our eyes.

Green vegetables:
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Another important type of vegetable is Green Vegetables. They have anti-oxidant characteristics. And from these anti-oxidants, the muscles in our body are protected because anti-oxidants can prevent the weakness of the muscles. As well as green vegetables have the ability to strengthen the eye muscles. Spinach is the most important green vegetable because it contains Lutein. It also can reduces the existence of White beta cells. Thus spinach also contains Zeaxanthin and carotids which support to protect the vision.

Green vegetables not only contain anti-oxidants and Zeaxanthin, they also consist of Flavonoids. Which protect the tiny tissues of the eyes. Flavonoid can also protect the eye retina from the radio-active rays of the sunlight. So it can be concluded that the green vegetables have a great ability to protect and improve our eye vision in different kind of ways. Pumpkin is a good source of Zeaxanthin and Lutein and they exist in high percentage. The Zeaxanthin and Lutein help to prevent the passiveness of the gall body cells in eye retina, occurs with the age passing. 

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This are another source of bulk nutrition. Oysters are existing different kinds and they contain Zinc in higher percentage. Vitamin A consisting oysters help to increase the function of eye retina improving the vision also. With the age our eyes are starting to be weak and that is very simple biological phenomenon. Though it is true, we can maintain the function of the eye reducing some of disorders by gaining healthy and nutritious foods. As we all know the importance and the value of eyes exactly.


Grains are important food sources which have vast nutrition. The ability to providing fibers is the main advantage of adding grains for our meal. Fibrous foods have an ability to prevent the infection of diabetic. As mention in very first diabetic is a main reason for the weak vision. Because as a result of it, there may have very complicated side effects.

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Some fishes specially Salmon, Mackerel, Tuna and trout contain Omega-3 fatty acids. These fatty acids cause to refresh the eyes. That means fatty acids can get in eyes to their quo status when it dried due to long time exposure to the computer screens. Thus fatty acid causes the good blood supply to the eyes by strengthen the eye blood vessels.

Other foods:

Thus remember to don’t miss the orange family fruits like lime and lemon for your daily meal. They contain of Vitamin C and Vitamin C has the ability to increase the shine and brightness of your eyes. Thus it can develop the vision further. Tomato can offer a huge support for your vision because it contains Lycopene, vitamin C and vitamin A which help to maintain a good eye health. Lutein, sateen and Zinc are rich in egg-york and therefore by taking egg-york for our meal, we can readily stregthen the weak eye muscles again.

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Can vision be protected by controlling diabetic?

By controlling or reducing the diabetic in our body, we can prevent the weakness of the vision. Taking grains for our meal frequently, we can also decrease the risk of diabetic infection very easily. Addition of legume family food like peanuts and dhal to our day-to-day meals is very important because they consist of Omega-3 fatty acids and Vitamin E which can reduce the harmful effects on eye with the age.

Likewise we can easily maintain our eye health by involving good notorious diets in our day-today life. We should consider that what we eat and what should we eat. Normally we take foods not only to feast our stomach but also to fulfill our nutrition deficiencies. Therefore we must take care about the amount and the list of nutrition that we should take to maintain our life to be healthy.

How can we protect their external health?

The internal health of the eyes can be protected as described above. But by doing various kinds of treatments. For that we can use the jasmine flowers to wash eyes at the morning and the flowers must be put into water at last night. Then we can use that to wash eyes at the morning. Like Jasmine flowers we also can use another several flowers and leaves to wash eyes to prevent the symptoms on eye that may occur due to the high temperature in the environment.

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The treatments are different from country to country according to their plant diversity and the culture and the beauticians are frequently using these treatments in their saloons. According to all these facts, we can finalize that we don’t want to go for artificial treatments to maintain our eye health and we have plenty of good food and natural habits in our hand to protect our valuable eyes.

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