Glaucoma; The Silent killer in our eyes

Glaucoma is a one of disorder that occurs in the optic nerve in our eye and this takes the third place of leading reasons which are caused to blindness. The dangerous thing of this condition is the optic nerve cannot be taken back into its early stage. The unfortunate thing is this cannot be identified by any symptoms earlier. And the vision cannot be taken back when this infected to the whole eye.

How can it happen?

There is a fluid inside our eyes and the excess gathering of that fluid inside eye cause to the late-blood supply. Due to being this fluid inside the eye unnecessarily causes to create a pressure inside the eye. That built-up pressure affects to pressure the optic nerves and that pressure causes to the speed death of those nerves. Finally the vision is going be lost. The symptoms are going to occur after the death of about 50 000 nerves.

From this phenomena though the image are on the retina, they cannot be transmitted to the exact place in our brain. The reason behind it is, the messages are blocked by this condition. Thus the viscosity of the vitreous humor is changed and the refraction of the light from the object cannot be done properly.  There are two types of this condition and they are open angle and close angle Glaucoma.

What is Open angle Glaucoma?

When considering open eye glaucoma, the patient cannot see beside of the figure of the object gets darkness and sometime he or she cannot see the whole image. That means the blindness. At the first stage of this disease, the disorders are limited to one eye. If the symptoms cannot be identified at the first stage, the losing of vision is occurred expressly. At that incident, taking the vision again to its earlier state is very difficult. Most of times the people who is elder than 40 years have big ability to infect this open eye glaucoma.

What is Close angle Glaucoma?

The symptoms of the close angle glaucoma can be recognized earlier than the open angle glaucoma and if the treatments can be done quickly, the vision can be protected before being blind. But this type of glaucoma is rare in the patients. Sometimes children are faced to this close angle glaucoma.

The symptoms of this diseases are different to each other. The main symptom is decrease of the vision. The other symptoms are large pain of the head and the eye, inflammation around eye slashes, nausea and vomitus conditions, expanded pupil of the eye and the eye pressure.  This pressure is different than the normal blood pressure.  

What can cause for this conditions?

There are lots of reasons behind this glaucoma and some non-communicable diseases are caused. High blood pressure in eye, obesity, high blood pressure, migraine, genetic disorders and vitamin deficiencies can be taken as other reasons. Thus diabetic is another reason for glaucoma as it blocks the blood supply to the eyes. The usage of steroidal medicines for a long time can also be cause for this glaucoma.

How can we prevent from this?

However glaucoma can be prevented in little by maintaining a balanced diet. That means we should not take the foods and drinks which makes the eye fluid in excess. The nutritious food such as fruits, vegetables and grains can be added to our meal. The natural and fresh condiments and spices should eat. Corn, cabbage, millet, beetroot, spinach, pepper, garlic, small onions, carrots, orange, mango, dates, avocado and pomegranate are suitable for this glaucoma.

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But red meat, sea foods, potato, cucumber, tomato, watermelon, pineapples are not suitable for glaucoma. Drinking water in excess for one time is also not good for glaucoma patients. Using alcohols are very bad at the glaucoma conditions and if the reason is a genetic problem, the whole family must be checked their eyes and from that the spreading can be prevented. Infection of glaucoma for the children can be cured easily by doing the correct treatment by identifying the symptoms at the very first stages.

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