Kidney Protection From Healthy Foods

Kidney is one the most valuable and important part of our body. With the birth normally we have two kidneys beside our spine, below our ribs and behind the belly and we cannot maintain our life without kidneys. That is why the people tend to kidney transplantation when they have kidney failures. Kidney failure is a main leading non-communicable disease in the modern society. Kidney has a bean seed shape and it is 10 cm, 6 cm in length and width respectively. 

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What is the task of Kidneys inside our body?

Kidneys filter the blood from the waste. For this process, kidneys consists of millions of filters nephrons which are tiny in shape. The waste can be introduced as urine with salt, water and minerals. The filtered blood is gone back to the body and the produced urine is collect in the kidney pelvis. Kidney cannot exist without blood supply.

The inability to pass the blood to the kidney may lead to the kidney failures. If the blood cannot be filtered, the blood inside our body may be a store of toxic substances. That may cause to the death. In addition to the filtration process, kidneys can also balance or adjust the mineral levels. Those minerals are such as Sodium, Potassium and they can also help to the red blood cell formation.

What may cause for kidney failures?

There are several reasons which cause to the kidney failures. They can be encountered as follows: the long time uncontrollable diabetic and high blood pressure conditions. Thus the usage of drugs, alcohols and artificial colored soft drinks and artificial foods with additives may cause. In addition to them, deficiency of water and the different and strong medicine usage for a long time may cause. Thus the sudden poison exposure of blood, kidney stones and the diseases occurring in prostate gland may reason for kidney failures. The failure may be a result of a process that occur at once or is occurring for a long time.

What are the symptoms?

At the first stage of the kidney diseases, we cannot recognize the symptoms clearly. Though it is, the weakness of the body, laziness, discomfort breath, the abnormal heart beat can occur. And the insentient conditions can have as the symptoms. For the prevention of these kidney problems the diseases like diabetic and high blood pressure, we should stop them at their formation stage. Thus the instant foods and artificial foods should be omitted from our diets. The alcohol consisting drinks are prohibited for the kidney patients. And the medical treatments should be followed in the correct manner.

Which can we eat for those failures?
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When considering the foods which are good for kidney failures according to the Ayurveda, can be easily found in our surroundings. As in the Ayurveda, not only the medicine cannot cure the kidney problems but also a healthy food style should be followed. We should add green leaves like Sarana, Gotukola, Neeramulliya, Ranawala leaves, Iramusu, the fruits and vegetables like Kekiri, Puhul, Watermelon and Cucumber. Thus cardamom, coriander can also be used to reduce the urine infections. These foods help to prevent the bladder stone formation and reduce the acidity of the blood.

Radish is very healthy vegetable for the prevention of urinary tract infections and it can clean the kidneys by increasing the urine amount. Thus we should drink a sufficient amount of water which matches to our body weight to maintain the kidneys well.

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We should know about salt containing foods;

In addition to these precautions, we should not take the high salt rich foods daily if we have kidney problems because that salt content may be a reason for a kidney failure. As example for the Potassium rich foods can be described as potato, sweet potato, yam, tapioca, drumstick, orange, banana (small and big), tomato, melon, nuts. As a solution you can take a regular amount of salt containing food by adjusting the diet. For that we can take low Potassium and moderate Potassium containing foods. The examples for them are beetroot, snake gourd, cucumber, raw mango, broad beans, bottle gourd, chayote (chowchow), apple, pine apple, pears and Cabbage, carrot, shallots, radish, bitter gourd, ladies finger, pumpkin and cauliflower respectively. Due to that case the kidneys have not to do lot of work to balance the salt level in our body.

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Protein we take form our food is finally broken down to the waste product called urea. If we have kidney problems we should avoid from the high protein containing food and we should take the adequate amount of the protein that is essential for our body. From that the workload of kidneys can be reduced and they can be in wealth and health.

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