Sunlight is very hot Nowadays; you should protect

The phenomenon of global warming is a huge problem for us nowadays. As the temperature of the sunlight is high we cannot bare that temperature directly. The man needs a normal temperature to maintain the life but the high temperature can cause lots of disease and infections. Man is a homo thermal and therefore we cannot change the body temperature with respect to the temperature of the environment and we have constant body temperature. You can automatically understand that incident by yourself on these days. The de-forestation, the polluted air, Carbon dioxide removal from vehicles and factories and the temperature of the thermal power stations are the causes behind this global warming.

The higher temperature may cause for high dehydration conditions due to the quick excretion of the water from our body. So we should advice to the children to drink water than other days. Thus the skin diseases and infections also may have. The discoloration of the skin is the huge problem among them. Because the skin starts to reduce its color while it is exposing to the sunlight. Skin is the outer most layer of our body. That is the reason for the discoloration. Thus skin blisters also can have. Some people may have eye infections. That means the high tempered sunlight may attack to the eyes by turning them to red color. That much temperature is surrounding us.

What is the importance of sunlight?

When the skin expose to the normal sunlight, the vitamin D production starts as a result of the exposure. According to the past, they believed that the morning sunlight is the most suitable thing for the vitamin D production. But it is not true. The day time sunlight is very important for the vitamin D production according to the newest findings. But that exposure cannot be done now-a-days due to the high temperature of the sunlight.

If we cannot continue the vitamin D production, that may cause for the Calcium store process on bones. That means if we have vitamin D deficiency, we may have Osteoporosis, Rickets like bone diseases as side effects. But when considering the disadvantage can advantages of sunlight exposure, it is good not to expose to the sunlight. Because from that the side effects that may have when exposing to this temperature can be prevented.

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We also may have some skin cancers. Due to the hole on the Ozone layer, the unhealthy radio-active rays like Ultra violet rays may come in day times. That may bring a dangerous situation to us by creating the start of skin cancers. Thus you can follow healthy precautions before you expose to this sunlight.

How can we protect?

They can be illustrated as follows: you can drink lot of water daily and you can bath as much as possible. You should drink and eat the water containing food and fruit drinks Thus don’t expose to the sunlight for a long time. If you want to expose more time, you should wear sun glasses and you should apply a qualified sun cream. The prevention of tight cloths wearing may bring you a comfortable feeling.  

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