Urine infections in Babies; Mothers should be attentive

Urine infections can be occur in anyone’s urine system. And the term urine infection defines that the entrance of a germ to any part of a urine system. Most times, in our urinary bladder, urine infections may have.  Infections can also be found in the kidneys rarely. We can cure infections found in the bladder very easily by identifying them at the very first stage. But when they are going to spread in the kidneys, it may be a very dangerous thing. Then we can not cure this.

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When considering babies, girls have higher ability to face for urine infections than the boys. The reason behind that is the urine system is situated near to the rectum in the body of girls. When they are washing the shits, the germs may enter to the urine system. Therefore the parents should be attentive when they are washing the shits of girl babies. The urethra of the boys is long one and from that advantage, they have less ability to be infected.

How can we identify if your baby has urine infection?

You can identify that whether your baby has urine infection or not by examination of some characteristics. When your baby has urine infection, the urine excretion times are more than the normal. Thus he or she cannot bare the neediness of urine excretion. This may be in the children who are in 7-8 years old. They may cry due to the pain of their underbelly and the babies who cannot talk, are crying more and more with this pain. When the infection is inside the bladder, children are not affected by fever.

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But if it is in the kidneys, heavy fever may have. Thus if the color and the smell of urine is abnormal than other days, that may be a symptom of urine infection. Thus when they have infection, urine is unclear. Sometimes urine is removing with blood.  According these symptoms, you can identify that whether your baby has urine infection or not. The correct examination is must because otherwise you cannot cure your child easily.

When considering infants, they are crying always in their first two months. When they want to excrete urine, they start to cry and if they are in a sleep, they are wake up. They stop the crying naturally while they are excreting urine. But if they continue the crying while excreting urine, you should be attentive on that kind of conditions. That may be a symptom of infection.

If your child has an infection in kidney, the very first symptom is the unusual heavy fever. The underbelly pain is another common symptom and that is special for the baby girls. If your child has one of these symptoms, you should check a urine sample of them.

What are the urine tests?

The “Uroflowmetry” (U.F.R) test is used to study the amount of urine voided during urination. This test is very useful to identify the causes behind the urination difficulties and the speed of urination. from that test,, we can identify the cells in the urine by using advanced microscopes. The direct test that is done to identify the infection is the urine culture test. We should follow a the sample collection in the correct procedure by preventing the addition of external germs in to the sample. If it was, that may result to a wrong identification.

How can we do a correct sampling?

The mother should wash the area that is specified well and the hands of the mother must be clean when collecting the sample for the urine culture test.  The sample collecting bottle should not be touch with the body of the baby. After seeing the urine culture test report, if there is an infection we must start the treatments with the antibiotic medicines. In addition to that culture test scans the urine system for the infants to identify whether they have any structural abnormality.

We can prevent the infections by maintain the hygiene and washing that area very well at their very first months. We should do the urination in time and from that we cab prevent the allocation of germs.

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