Berries can cure plenty of diseases

Berries are one of fruit type that can be used to treat different kind of non-communicable diseases. Many researchers could have found they can cure the diabetics, cholesterol cancers, high blood pressure and kidney problems. Those are the most common diseases that we have with any cause or without any causes. That means we cannot say a direct cause for those kinds of diseases. Therefore we can add some nutritional fruits for our diet to reduce and control those diseases. That is very important because we can get a medicinal treatment for our body without any side effects.

Nutrition in Berries
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Berries are in different varieties and they are Strawberries, Blueberries, Raspberries and Blackberries. Commonly all of them have similar nutritious value. But with the change of color, there are specific nutrition substitutes. The main advantage of them is, they consist of different types of anti-oxidants. Thus we can get considerable amount of fibers from these berries. Vitamin C content consisting in them is higher than that of in oranges. Other than vitamin C, berries consist of vitamin K, Magnesium, Selenium and iron. The most valuable thing is that we can get folic acid from them. That means they are Folate rich fruits. Folic acid is a good multivitamin for the pregnant women. Some women take folic acid tablets to fulfill the folic acid necessity. Fruits usually have various types of vitamins and mineral and salts. As them, berries also have that much of vitamins and minerals.

How can they cure diseases?
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The anti-oxidants are useful to control and kill the free radicals inside our body. The term free radical means they are the precursors for the formation of cancers and different kind of infections. Because they can provide the support to exist the foreign particles in our body. The most common anti-oxidants in berries are Anthocyanin, Elegiac acid and Resveratist. Blueberries, blackberries and raspberries are rich anti-oxidant providers than strawberries. Those anti-oxidants can prevent the cancer formation inside our kidney, intestine, esophagus and lungs.

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As well as the Alzheimer’s patients can also be treated by using berries. Because anti-oxidants are very good for the Alzheimer’s disease.  Thus we can protect the all effects in our nerve system and blood vessels by these anti-oxidants. The breast cancers and blood cancers can also be prevented by this anti-oxidant intake from berries. We can also prevent the inflammation conditions in our body by taking sufficient amount of anti-oxidants from the them.

Can diabetic be controlled by them?

The diabetic patients and the healthy people can take berries for their diet. They can do a huge task for the glucose reduction in our body. Thus they can increase the sensitivity for the insulin production inside our body. So it is good to diabetic patients to reduce their disease. The healthy people can also protect form the diabetics. Berries can reduce the cholesterol level in our body.

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Not only the high blood sugar and cholesterol, the extreme obesity can be prevented from taking them. The considerable amount of fiber content in berries can prevent the frequent hungry. From that we can control our eating. The low calorie amount of them helps to fill the stomach. So we can eat berries without taking high calorie foods. That is how berries help to control obesity.

Berries are also helps to maintain a healthy skin. The free radicals cause the wrinkles of the skin. By taking berries that condition can be prevented. We can also protect the collagen fibers in our skin from berries. As well as them, the osteoporosis like bone diseases can also be prevented.

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