Dreaming of flat belly instead to fat belly

Every woman is dreaming to have a well-shaped slim body. But the ugly belly is a big problem for them. Nowadays all women are suffering with this belly problem with their age and the most unfortunate thing is the younger women trend to face this. Obesity is the main thing behind this and the fat storing inside the belly tissues is a another case. This is a automatic welcome for plenty of non-communicable diseases. If you are a woman who is suffering this belly problem, you can follow some simple and easy steps to reduce it. From this discussion you can get more information.

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Reduce the amount of calories you take

For that you should reduce the high calorie food even if you not involving fat burning activities. Because if you take high calorie foods, you should involving the calorie burning day-to-day activities. If it does not happen, the extra calories start to store in your body. That is the case behind that we automatically become fatty. Carbohydrate containing food are high calorie containing foods. Therefore we should prevent  addition of them into our diet. We should limit them. Instead of them we can eat bran consisting grains. From that not only we can reduce the belly fat, but also we can reduce the extreme obesity.  

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Take more water soluble fiber containing food

When you take the water soluble fiber containing foods, they can absorb water than others. Then the process of passing food through the digestive system becomes late. Due to that reason it takes more time to be hunger again. That means you can be satisfy from one food intake for a long time without hungry. Thus the water soluble fiber containing foods can also reduce the calorie absorption from another food. The water soluble fiber containing foods are Oats, Avocado and leguminous family foods. It is proved from experiments that we can reduce the storing fat amount in 37%, if we increase the fiber containing food in ten grams.

Take more Probiotics

Probiotics are a type of bacteria. They have a marvelous ability to reduce the body weight and control the weight. That means they can control the activity of some bacteria in our digestive system cause to store fat. According to that probiotics can prevent the fat storing process successfully. From yogurts and pickle, we can get probiotics. And those probiotics are Lactobacillus, fermentable lactobacillus gasseri in scientifically.

Practice Aerobics
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This is essential thing to reduce the forwarded belly and strengthen the belly muscles. Because aerobics can provides a healthy life style by burning unnecessary calories. As aerobics we can do the faster walking, riding bicycles and boats, running for 20-40 minutes daily. Among them, walking is the easiest activity and from that we can burn the belly fat easily. As well as, than the exercises that we are doing with the sitting posture, we can achieve successful results by doing exercises with the standing posture.

Drink much water

As the other steps, we can reduce our fat belly by drinking water. If you drink water to prevent your body from dehydration, you can decrease your fat belly in three ways. One of them is faster the metabolism. That means we can engage the unnecessary calories as the energy to the body metabolism. When we drink much water, body has to provide much energy to do the metabolism. Another thing is, we can decrease amount of food that we have to eat by drinking much water. For that we should drink a glass of water before taking food. From that the high calorie entrance into the body can be prevented. The third one is, we also can drink water to be it is useful to the prevention of the constipation. Water can create a healthy skin. So that finally we can have a beautiful figure also.

Don’t be afraid to eat eggs
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This may be good news for you. If you have an abnormal ability to eat eggs, it may cause for your belly reduction. If you take an egg for your breakfast, you don’t feel hungry for a long time. That means that many calories are in an egg. It is 77 Cal in numerically. So we can add an egg for our diet instead of other things. According to that we can easily reduce the belly.

Have a sufficient and comfortable sleep
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A sufficient sleep is very important to have a slim body. Because it can reduce the fat storing process for a considerable distance. Normally we should have a minimum five hour sleep for a day. Sleepless life may cause for your belly increment and it is a scientifically proved fact. If you don’t have a sufficient sleep, you can have a comfortable sleep. From that you can have a healthy figure.

Take Omega-3 containing fishes and coconut oil
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Omega-3 containing fishes have long chain fatty acids and it is a good source of protein. Obesity and fat storing in belly and kidney can be prevented by them. Thus coconut oil is a medium length chain containing fatty acid. They are suitable to eat because it is rich in triglycerides. If you have triglyceride containing food in your diet, you can get much energy. Not only in that way, but also triglycerides do not store as fat in your belly and beside the belly.

Drink sugar free coffee and green tea
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After the water, the healthiest beverages in the world are sugar free green tea and coffee. It is proved that they can burn our unnecessary calories by 3-11% and fat by about 17%. So if you have a dream of reducing fat belly don’t forget to add green tea and coffee for your daily beverages. Here sugar free means, if you drink sugar containing coffee or green tea, you cannot achieve your purpose. Because sugar is a high calorie containing food. That is why you should take sugar free drinks. For the reduction of the belly fat, you main target is to reduce the calorie amount that you take daily.

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