It’s important to know the Almond nutrition facts

Almond is a type of rich nutritious grains. Most of them don’t know the valuable healthy importance of almonds though they eat them. But some know the health importance of almonds and they habit to take almonds though they have no any disease. Because not only almond has plenty of nutrition, but it also has the ability of curing disease.

Almond nutrition

In 28g of almonds, there are 3.5g of fiber, 6g of protein, 14g of fat (9g of them is unsaturated fatty acids which is suitable for the body health). Thus there are 37% of daily necessary vitamin E, 20% of daily necessary Magnesium and 32% of daily necessary Manganese. In addition to that a considerable amount of vitamin B and cooper are in almonds.  From an ounce of almonds, we can gain 16 calories and 2.5g of carbohydrates. The Phytic acid in almond can prevent the Zinc and Iron absorption to the body. Almond is a superb food. Because it consists plenty of antioxidants which can maintain the body health. Almond is very good for curing cancers.

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Most of antioxidant can be found from the husk of the almond seed. If we eat them without the husk, we cannot gain the nutrition. Husk has the ability of bile development inside our body. Thus it can delay being older and increase the height of the body. Because it consist of vitamin E as described above and vitamin E can control the youngness. Among the vitamin E rich foods, almond has a great place.

How can it cure diabetics?

Due to this is a low calorie, fiber and unsaturated fatty acid containing food, this is more suitable for the diabetic patients. The maximum amount which is suitable for daily almond intake is one ounce. This is common for both healthy and diabetic people. The considerable amount of Magnesium in almonds can control the unhealthy conditions which are occurring inside our body including high blood sugar. The main problem of type two diabetic patients is the Magnesium deficiency. That is the main cause behind the inability of sugar level maintenance.

As well as the high blood pressure patients and cholesterol patients can use almonds to control the blood pressure and the unfavorable cholesterol amount in body respectively.  Almond is also a satisfactory food for our body. After eating almonds, we can control the intake of other foods. Then the unnecessary calorie intake is automatically stopped. Hence we can reduce our unnecessary body weight. We can prepare milk by mixing almond. That is a thing better for your breakfast.

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Almonds can cure cancers!

Almond is very good treatment for cancers including breast cancers due to their antioxidant content. The favorable fatty acids can cause to prevent the brain diseases and improve the immune system of the brain too.  This is also good for the prevention of some infections in our body. The fibrous characteristics help to cure the cancers in the intestines and to have a good metabolism.

Pregnant mothers can take this to give suitable nutrition for their fetal. Because almonds contain folic acid which is an essential nutrition for the pregnant women. The husk removed almond can be used to cure hemorrhoids and constipation. The disabled baby births can also be prevented to such extent by taking sufficient amount of almond during the pregnancy.

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The Calcium and Phosphorous in almonds help to strengthen the bones and teeth. Thus we can also prevent the osteoporosis situations.  Anemia can be decreased by taking almonds.  Magnesium in almonds is good to have an active nerves system and muscles system. Potassium and protein in almond help to maintain a better mental and physical health. Thus almond can clean the body by removing the toxic substances which were entered to our body.

Almond can increase your beauty
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Most of soap, shampoo and other cosmetic manufacturers use almonds for their productions. Because almond is very good for the hair, nail and skin. Almond oil is a good moisture riser which is smoothed the skin.  the sufficient amount of antioxidants and vitamin E help to maintain the skin. thus the favorable fatty acids and proteins are also helps to it. As well as we can prevent the problems like hair fall, pimples and dandruff by applying almond oil for both skin and head. So don’t forget to take almond. If you miss almonds, you may loss almond nutrition, plenty of benefits and advantages.

How can almonds help your baby?

Almond are very good for your babies. Nutritional almond is good meal for the babies. we can grind the almond by removing the husk. Then the almond powder can be added to the baby’s food and milk. The nutrients of almonds can improve the brain activities of your child. As well as the teeth and bones of new born baby can develop from the absorption of almond nutrition. The fibrous behavior of almond can protect your baby from acidic condition and infections in their stomach.

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Almonds not only helps to protect the internal health of the baby. But also they can protect baby skin. Because vitamin E and antioxidants can clean your babies’ skin by removing toxic substances. Thus they can give nutrients for the skin. Then we can have a bright and smooth skin. Vitamin E can maintain the skin healthy by protecting the skin from ultra violet radiations. The fairness of the skin can also be maintained from almonds. The almonds can treat dry skin of your baby giving a sufficient moisture of it.

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