Let’s add Dragon fruit nutrition for our lives

Dragon fruit nutrition is very valuable for us. Because nowadays even the developed countries in the world are seeking for healthy food to treat, cure and prevent the diseases instead of the artificial medicines though they have very developed modern medical sciences.  The reason behind that case is the patients who are suffering non-communicable diseases have to take medicines until the end of their lives. They cannot neglect taking medicines because they can only maintain their life from medicines.

Having medicines for a long time may give you more side effects than you expect. Because though those medicines can cure the disease, they also harm for another organs in our body to such extent. That may be the major reason for the short lifetimes of the modern people. To prevent this dangerous situation, we can use healthy foods which have no any side effect to our body and have high medicinal value and high disease curing ability.

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Why this fruit is very important?

Dragon fruit can be introduced as that kind of medicinal fruit. Because many experiments and researches are proven that dragon fruit nutrition can support to cure and prevent from the most common non-communicable diseases like diabetics, cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart problems, kidney diseases and cancers. There are different kind of dragon fruits. Though they are different in color, the nutrition value of them are same.

Can dragon fruit enhance the immunity of our body?

Loosing immunity of our body is the main reason for all the infections. We can increase the function of our immunity system by having dragon fruit. Because dragon fruit is a vitamin C rich fruit. Vitamin C has a great ability to form and increase the immunity of our body. Dragon fruit contains equal amount of vitamin C to an orange fruit. Thus it has more vitamin C than the carrots.

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Yellow Dragon fruit

As well as dragon fruit contains flavonoids, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B3, Calcium, Phosphorous, Iron, protein, fiber, carbohydrate and favorable fatty acids. This is a low calorie food.  So the people who prefer to take low calorie foods can have this to control the body weight.

Nutrients in Dragon fruit

A 100 g of dragon fruit contains 87 g of water, 1.1 g of protein, 11 g of carbohydrate, 0.4 g of favorable fatty acids, 3 g of fiber, 8.5 mg of Calcium, 21 mg of vitamin C, 1.9 mg of Iron and 22.5 g of Phosphorous. In addition to them the essential minerals to our body including Zinc are in dragon fruit. The considerable amount of fiber helps to maintain functions in our digestive system.

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White Dragon fruit

Thus dragon fruit is a good medicine to treat digestive system associated disease including constipation and tumors in stomach. Because dragon fruit nutrition can support for the movements of intestine. The cancers in large intestine can be easily cured by eating sufficient amount of dragon fruit. Fibers in dragon fruit are also suitable for the diabetic patients. Because considerable amount of fiber can maintain and control blood sugar in an optimal level.

Can this fruit prevent cancers?

Vitamin and other immunity enhancers in dragon fruit can prevent us from cancers. They can control the cancer cell formation. Thus flavonoids like antioxidants can fight against the bacteria and fungus infections inour body. The especial ability of dragon fruit is that it can increase the white blood cell formation. From that the toxic substances in our body can be easily removed and destroyed. Dragon fruit nutrition can also stimulate the reborn of the cells. So when we have the tumors in our body, they are cured rapidly.

Pink Dragon fruit

The protein content in this fruit is very high. So if you are a vegetarian, you can have this for your daily diet plan. From that we can have sufficient amount of energy. As well as dragon fruit nutrition can activate the metabolic functions well and rapid cell repairing.

Can heart diseases cure from this fruit?

The heart favorable fatty acids in dragon fruit can help to decrease the cholesterol amount in our body. So we can prevent the blood clotting inside the blood vessels. Favorable fatty acids are the unsaturated fatty acids. They are very important for the maintenance of heart health. Thus the joint pains and arthritis can be controlled by having dragon fruit frequently. It is because this is a natural Calcium containing fruit.  

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Dragon fruit juice

Pregnant women can eat this fruit to gain Iron and folic acid in a natural way. Dragon fruit is also support to have good respiratory functions. As well as the blood platelets formation can be stimulated by having dragon fruits. This is very suitable food for the dengue patients. The dragon fruit juice is very sweet and water containing one. So it is good for the dengue patients as a water rich fruit.

Now you can realize that dragon fruit is a superb fruit to add for our life. So don’t miss the dragon fruit nutrition.

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