Let’s protect after Dialysis and Kidney Transplantation

Kidney problems are a in higher percentage among the people. So they tend to do dialysis and kidney transplantation to extend their lifetime. If your kidneys have any failure or harmed kidneys anyhow, we cannot get them to early stage from any treatment. Thus we cannot recognize the symptoms of these failures till they face to the dangerous condition. That is another serious thing because then we can treat kidneys at those moments. From this article you can know about how can we identify the kidney failures, how can we do a dialysis and kidney transplantation and how should we protect after dialysis and kidney transplantation from foods and habits.

As described above we cannot identify the symptoms till the kidney failures when they are up to about 15%. So that it is good to check a urine sample by a full urine report (UFR) or a albumin test after you being 40 years. Because from that you can know whether you have any kidney failure though you are not a diabetic, high blood pressure or cholesterol patient. But if you are a diabetic, high blood pressure or cholesterol patient, you should do above tests once a year.

Thus if you are suffering urine and kidney infections from your childhood, you also better to check your kidneys frequently from younger ages. If we identify the kidney failures at the first stages, we can prevent the harmfulness before it will be serious. If it is not, we cannot stop the speed of the failure by the medicines.

The tests that can identify whether we have kidney failures or not are blood tests, urine tests and Serum Creatinine test. While the diagnosis, if doctor identify that you have some problem in your kidneys, you will have to do above teats. From them we can be identify the failures and if you are in severe condition, you have to do a scan test also. 

Are medicines effective for Kidneys?

Some thinks that if they take medicines for another disease, it may cause for their kidney failures. If you take some medicine according to the correct the guidance from a doctor, you should take them as they said without ignoring them. Because the sacredness to the medicines may be a start for new disease.  So you have to take medicines for diabetic, high blood sugar and cholesterol in the correct dose and in time. Taking antibiotics and painkiller without any advice of a doctor may cause for some kidney failures. So don’t take medicines like them as your own decisions. As well as we must take even painkillers according to the instructions of a qualified doctor.

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Normally diabetic patients also suffer from the kidney failures. The reason behind it is the inability control the life style. In addition to the diabetic, cholesterol and high blood pressure also cause for these kidney problems. If you are unable to control the diabetic for about ten years, definitely you may have kidney failures. But if you can control and maintain your blood glucose level, it is no effective for kidneys. So that the diabetic patients should control their food habits and maintain the health in a good ways. They also should take the correct medicines according to their diabetic specialist.

Is taking metformin good for kidney patients?

Some people believe that they will have to face kidney problems due to their diabetic medicines such as Metformin. Metformin is basically used to treat diabetic patients. Sometimes we have to take them if we are in extreme obesity. The truth of this phenomenon is, there is no any huge side effect from Metformin for our kidneys. But our kidney activity may decrease from about 30% when we cannot be able to control diabetic conditions. Then treatments with Metformin are stopped. Because if your kidneys are infected for a long time, medicinal treatments are not suitable for that condition. People misunderstand that incident as “Metformin are not suitable for the kidney problems”. So please understand the correct situation of that.

What is Dialysis and kidney transplantation?

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The treatments for kidney patients are in four steps. The first and second stages are the primary stages. In those stages, the patients must take to control kidneys. But if your kidneys are destroyed than 15%, medicine cannot control that. On that stage, you should undergo for dialysis. Dialysis is the treatment for blood filtration. That means the main task of kidney is the blood filtration. After that filtration process the water content is passed for the excretion. If your kidneys are unable to do this process, you have to do this filtration by means of the instruments.

Because if you are unable to filter the blood, your body may be a tank of toxic materials. That may lead for even the death. From this dialysis, your blood is taken out and filtered the use of instruments. The filtered blood is supplied again to your body. When we start to do the dialysis process, we should do it once three weeks. Otherwise we cannot be alive. Before undergoing for dialysis, we should check the Serum Creatinine amount, respiration ability and the inflammation of our body.

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What are the side effects of dialysis?

Patients who are doing dialysis have a risk of heart problems. Because when you are doing this you should protect. That is must. Developed countries have more techniques to do these dialysis processes. But developing countries have not that many facilities to do dialysis with special treatments. So they advise to the patient to undergo kidney transplantation. The patients who are above 65 years cannot do this transplantation. If you have kidney failures and you are in between 14-50 years, you can do the kidney transplantation. When we have transplanted kidney, we should protect it very carefully. At the first period after the transplantation, the patient has to take some medicines. But with the time the dosage and the amount of medicine is reduced.

How should we control our diet?

The food we have to take while we are taking medicines, undergoing dialysis and being after transplantation are different to each other. Than the filtration of blood, kidneys can control the ion balance. So if we take medicine for kidney problems, we should not eat Sodium, Potassium like ion containing foods. Fruits like papaw, apple, strawberry, grapes and guava without seeds are good for them. But king coconut and orange, wood apple are not suitable for them due to their higher ion content. Kidney patients should avoid from higher fruit consumption. Thus the sour taste foods like tamarind, lemons and lime are also not suitable.  But for after dialysis and kidney transplantation, that is not a problem.

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When considering vegetables, they must be limited. Patients should limit the consumption of raw vegetable salads, green leaves, pickles and high chili containing foods. Raw foods may have germs and that may cause for the infections for the transplanted kidney. They can have cooked beans, carrot, cucumber, cabbage and ladies fingers without mixing with coconut milk. Remember not to consume the vegetable stew.


They can take Protein containing food in 70-80 g weight for a day. But for the transplanted patients, meat is prohibited for month after transplantation. As well as high salt containing dry fish and sprats are not suitable to consume. Thus patients should avoid from milk products. If it is essential, they can have only a yogurt or low concentrated milk.


High carbohydrate consisting food like potato, yams and manioc are not good. But a little amount of rice, string hopper, hoppers can be taken to fulfill the carbohydrate necessity.  Biscuits and cake contain expanding substances. So kidney patients should reduce the biscuit and cake consumption.  But if you are not a diabetic patient, you can eat carbohydrate to some extent.


Fat containing foods are also not suitable. Because when the dialysis is done the cholesterol amount of our body gets increase. That is due to a naturally occurring automatic process inside our body.  Patients can take not more than one table spoon of oil for a day. The eggs can be taken without egg yolk. Soups and water containing tea, coffees are not suitable. Because the amount of excreting urine is low for the kidney patients. Therefore even water must be given them according to the medical instructions. That water amount is decided according to the urine excretion rate.

How can prepare a meal for kidney patients?

The diet must be very fresh and clean. We can prepare the breakfast by using two slices of bread with an egg without egg yolk. Thus these patients can eat a piece of a papaw at about 10.00 am. For the lunch, they can have one cup of rice and little amount of cooked vegetables. And by using grains like grams and green grams, the dinner of them can be prepared. However we should adjust the diet by avoiding the unnecessary foods.

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If we have another disease after a transplantation!

If you have other infection like cough, asthma and fever, you should get instruction from your doctor with your kidney reports. Usually for kidney transplanted patients, painkillers are prohibited. Thus remember to get vitamins via only foods. Because kidney patients are not allowed to take vitamin capsules.

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