Nutrients in Little Mandarin fruit (Heen Naran)

Mandarin is a fruit belongs to citrus family. Scientifically mandarin is called as “Citrus Reticulata”. So the family name of mandarin is “retaceae”. There are different types of mandarins in the world. Among them little mandarin fruits are very important because they are rich in nutrients which are very important to our body.

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Little mandarin fruit tree

The Sri Lankan name of this fruit is “Heen Naran”. In Ayurveda, the little mandarin fruit is a very valuable medicine for phlegm associated diseases. So if we can eat this healthy and efficacious little mandarin fruit, we can gain lots of benefits for our life to be healthy.  

Nutrients in little mandarin

About 200 g of this fruit contains 103 of kilo calories. Thus 1 g of fat, 4 g of Sodium (salt), 26 g of carbohydrates, 4 g of fiber, 21 g of sugar, 2 g of protein. Not only them, but it also consists of other special nutrients like foliate, Iron, Potassium, vitamin B6, vitamin C and vitamin K. Little mandarin is an antioxidant rich local fruit than other fruits. Due to that reason, it has a large capacity to cure and prevent diseases. The foliate and Iron nutrients are important for the pregnant women to feed the fetal.

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The considerable amount of vitamin C is the main antioxidant in this fruit. So this can cure the tumors, product the collagen fiber, easily prevent from commonly happening respiratory tract infections and cure the bone damages. This vitamin C is very good to relieve the diseases in nerve system. The fibrous condition of this fruit helps to have well functioned movements in digestive system. It also can reduce the cholesterol amount and constipation.

How can the flavonoids in little mandarin help us?

Another special thing is little mandarin contains plenty of Flavonoids. Some of them are Lutein, Zeaxanthin, Hesperidin and Naringenin, Flavonoids are also very reactive antioxidants. And they can remove the free radicals which are gathered in our body without any purpose. Free radicals are the causes of cancers. If we can destroy them anyhow, we can be cancer free people. Therefore now you can realize that the value of little mandarin fruit. Not only the fruit, but the peel of the little mandarin also contains above mentioned flavonoids. So the peel of the fruit is also a valuable medicine. Thus the Hesperidin flavonoid helps to decrease the blood pressure and the cholesterol amount.

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As well as there are sufficient amount of vitamin A and carotenes in little mandarin. They can help to improve the vision and the eye health. Vitamin A is a fat soluble, so they help to form healthy mucus tissues for our body. Little mandarin is also a polyphenols rich fruit. Those polyphenols can helps to enhance the functions of our immune system. As an example, they can successfully fight against the breast cancer cells. The carotenoids are important to destroy the cancer cells in our liver. So this fruit is very important for the hepatitis patients to prevent from liver cancers. Thus we can reduce the extreme obesity by eating this fruit.

Does little mandarin can cure nerve diseases?

The diseases associated with nerve system can be controlled and cured by taking little mandarin for our meals. Nerve diseases are common for both younger and elder people. The above discussed antioxidants help to maintain a healthy nerve system. Potassium in this fruit supports to have a good blood circulatory in our brain. As well as Potassium is good for the memory improvement. Vitamin B6 helps to relieve the vomitus conditions and the mental tension. Potassium, fiber and vitamin B6 in this fruit support to our heart to maintain a good heart health. In this fruit, Potassium amount is higher than the amount of Sodium. So it is very suitable for the heart.

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Little mandarin fruit juice

We can also protect our skin from this fruit. Little mandarin can reduce the wrinkles in our skin and finally we can have a fair skin. Our hair may be nutritional one, if we don’t neglect to drink or eat this little mandarin fruit at least once a week.

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